The Society Anonym Complexe Multi Industriel du Cameroun, abbreviated to CMIC, is a Cameroonian industrial company with private capital that has succeeded in integrating and imposing itself in the complex world of industry on the national scene in the fields of metallurgy, plastics and packaging. It is registered in the trade register under N° 1618 NUI: M079700008399W and subdivided into two departments: A Metallurgy Department located in Douala – Bassa opposite Chevreuil College and a Plastic and Packaging Department located in Douala – Yassa next to the weighbridge. It is one of the companies of the SOREPCO Group. It was created in 1997, following the takeover of CTMC, a subsidiary of the ALUCAM Group. CMIC started its activities in 1998 under the name Complexe Métallurgique du Cameroun with the transformation of local raw materials, the manufacture and sale of TP tips, sheets and accessories.

In 2019, in its quest for notoriety and satisfaction of its ever-growing and demanding clientele in relation to the quality of its products, the top management has decided to change its name from CMC (Complexe Métallurgique du Cameroun) to CMIC (Complexe Multi Industriel du Cameroun) in order to expand its activities in advanced fields such as metallurgy (sheet metal, tips and accessories), plastics (pipes, sheaths, packaging) and packaging (cartons and accessories).

CMIC SA’s mission is to ensure a constant quality and availability of its products at the best price through an efficient distribution network at the service of its customers; As its slogan “Quality first”… indicates.